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Vida + Luz = Life + Light. Driftwood and hammered brass capturing celestial rhythms, ever changing light and reflections on water.  Inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of natural and geometric forms.

About the Artist, Jessica Salazar 

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl...

My creative work with Vida + Luz is reflective of my childhood years, spent running amuck on the sandy banks of the Skagit delta, on Fir Island, WA. Inspiration is often found in tangible pieces of the world around us that hold secrets and beauty.  I've grown quite skilled a the process of noticing small magic; the way a leaf floats down to touch the earth, the slow awakening of ferns in the springtime, the glimmer of the river dancing in the sunlight.   There is beauty to be found everywhere in nature. Most of my pieces begin with unique salvaged driftwood from our family farm property, buffed by the sand and shaped by the glacial Skagit River waters. Many include moon and celestial shapes symbolizing the lunar connection to tidal rhythms that form the river delta. 

Vida + Luz was born from our jewelry brand, Otra Vez, as it had been a long time idea to scale up earrings and make jewelry for the home. All pieces are handmade from start to finish using hand cut and hand textured raw brass.

We are proud to equip and empower women artisans through flexible, work from home employment and business skills. Our studio is located on the outskirts of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We currently have a team of 5 women artisans who bring Vida + Luz to life.



Giving Back

Wipe Every Tear

We believe that the woman is the heart of every society across the world. When women are empowered, their families and communities thrive. We are passionate about living bigger than ourselves and helping women to realize their full, God-given potential. Wipe Every Tear is an organization in Manila, Philippines that exists to bring freedom, hope and a future to precious girls and women trafficked in the sex trade.

In Him was LIFE, and that life was the LIGHT of all mankind. – John 1:4

5% of Vida + Luz net proceeds directly supports Wipe Every Tear and their fight to end sex trafficking in the Philippines.


Environmental Stewardship

Washington coastAt Vida + Luz we believe in long-term environmental sustainability. All driftwood is sourced from our 10 acres of private family-owned farmland on the Skagit River delta and cured naturally in the sun. We follow all regulations put forth by WA State for driftwood removal. (1 cubic yard of driftwood, per visit is allowed, up to 3 cords per year.  Driftwood removal is restricted to wood that can be loaded by hand and wood that is not deeply imbedded in the beach or dune banks so as not to disturb the eco systems.) Brass is sourced within the US and is not treated with any harsh chemicals. We protect and preserve the environment by using recycled boxes and packaging.  

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