A collection of hand-built minimalist ceramic tableware and wall sculptures. 

Our ceramics collection is crafted start to finish in our Fir Island, WA studio on the delta of the Skagit River, by artist Steve Schell.

Steve studied fine art at several schools and finished his Fine Arts studies at University of Washington. His desire to build and create ceramics was buried for decades under a traditional commercial arts career and, along side his wife, raising his four children on their small farm.

Steve prefers forgoing traditional tools of the trade. He is a purist - using only his hands to form shapes and mostly found and salvaged items; an opened seed pod, a piece of fabric, a discarded metal scrap, to form impressions in the clay and to create texture. He breathes new life into raw earth and creates timeless one of a kind, dimensional sculptures made your table and home.

For commissioned pieces or wholesale, inquire here.


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