Sunsets + Such Driftwood Magnet


Beautiful one-of-a-kind magnet made from naturally-sourced driftwood, hand-cut and hammered brass sheet. Ready to hang.

Dimensions: range from 1.5”-3” tall x 1.5"- 4” wide.

These exact driftwood pieces have been sold. Similar pieces will be used.

**Please note: our pieces are made by hand by our team of women artisans (in this case, my 10 year old daughter  - with my oversight, of course) from hand-cut and hammered brass. Slight inconsistencies, imperfections and the natural beauty of brass and driftwood are what make our pieces special.


  • Please be aware that raw brass naturally tarnishes over time; Rolite Metal Polishing Cream works great to shine your piece.

  • Not recommended for outdoor use.
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